There are four basic energy types in Human Design, each have their unique operating system. Your type points to the way you are designed to apply your energy and contribute your gifts.

Every type comes complete with its purpose signature and emotional themes. Each type also has an auric quality, which acts like an invisible calling card. Your aura, which is the energy field that surrounds your body, is the first aspect of you that people meet with.

Understanding your type is your first big clue about how you are meant to fulfill your purpose in form.

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A design to remember

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No human is an island. We all form part of a vast and interconnected web of life.

Your type’s strategy is not based on a mental agenda, but reflects your type and its auric theme. It teaches you the steps to your dance that’s part of the bigger dance.

Your type’s strategy will lead you to connect with the right people correctly without encountering resistance. Also to know who or what to pay attention to.

Your strategy and authority work as a team to help you operate successfully within the holistic web of life.


Your mind is not designed to inform your decisions, but has the job of filtering your experiences and creating meaningful stories. Your inner authority, on the other hand is designed to help you navigate by pulling you back to your essence

Your inner authority is your natural knowing mechanism about what is good for you and what is not. It is based on an energy centre in your body, which has its own process and timing.

For example, the ‘Emotional’ authority operates over time in order to gain clarity. It is not designed to make instantaneous decisions. The ‘Splenic’ intuitive authority or the ‘Sacral’ gut- feeling authority on the other hand operate in the now.

Other authority centres will come alive by focusing on the theme of the centre, like the willfulness of Heart/Ego authority or the self directing energy of the ‘Self’ authority.

Other more rare authority mechanisms are often labeled as ‘no authority’ on charts.  Those are designs with no direct or consistent means of engaging with an energy centre for clarity and direction. If this is your case rest assured that you too have a way of authorizing decisions for you. Your Human Design overview reading will point you to your specific process.

There are three main keys in your design that make up your personalised navigating system: type, strategy and authority.

Your type points to your natural place and purpose in the material world. Your strategy points to your type’s most efficient and authentic way of interacting with life. Your inner authority points to the most reliable area in your body that can authorize the right decisions for you.

Below is a generalised description of all three keys with the aim of clarifying the functionality of your design in everyday life.

More detailed information on all types and their strategies can be found on the IHDS and Jovian Archive sites.

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