Beginner’s programs


If you are new to Human Design I invite you to start with the Beginner’s Journey package, which includes your Human Design overview analysis.

~ A Beginner’s Journey Into Human Design

Human Design overview (1 hour) followed by two coaching sessions (1 hour) exercising your type’s strategy and authority and helping you integrate the practice in daily life . £325

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What next?

~ Stepping into Your Authority

Once you complete your Human Design overview process you are ready to start building a solid platform for the shifts that can take place as you set off on your experiment. It’s a good time to deepen your understanding of your design by fully stepping into your type’s strategy.

Stepping Into Your Authority is a great follow-up program teaching you to apply your navigation system - strategy and authority - with awareness and confidence, especially in challenging areas.

Three sessions (each 1 hour) with a focused agenda adapted to your type’s strategy and authority. Works as a follow-up to the Beginner’s Journey package. £270

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Projector Endowment available*


~ Clarity Guidance  (available for people who have had an overview reading)

(1 hour) £115

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Projector Endowment available*


*The Projector Endowment offers 20% off all services above. If you are a projector please email me your birth data when booking your package.


The value of coaching with Human Design

Your Human Design chart is your blueprint. It will show us how you are designed to operate and to fulfill  your purpose. Coaching with the knowledge of your Human Design will ensure that every decision you make will reflect who you are, not what you think you should be doing.

Your chart will show us how you are designed to make decisions from your own authority. Your real authority. In Human Design this is your area of consistent life force that knows what is good for you and what is not. It has its own way of speaking to you and it differs from your mental mind. Mental rationalisation certainly has its place, but not as a decision-making strategy.

During our coaching together I will take you on a journey to get reacquainted with your authority. This is your real homecoming gift. You may not feel immediately fluent operating your authority but you will feel deliciously at home. Depending on how you are wired to receive information, we will practice with your authority by experimenting with the senses that are natural to you.

You can read more about the key aspects in your design in Design Keys.


Design keys

First steps


Dream work






First steps

A design to remember

Your purpose recognised

A design to remember

Your purpose recognised

Human Design Analysis

Professional Guidance

Above: an example of a Human Design chart. The Rave BodyGraph™ is a registered trademarks of Jovian Archive Media Inc.

“I think that everyone who has a basic reading needs someone like Ella to guide them through the next stages and so prevent years being wasted in mere accumulation of Human Design knowledge without awareness.

As a guide Ella has a gift of asking the right questions and not shying away from the upset that might occur as a result. She is very empathetic and wise, and penetrates into corners that remained uninvestigated for a long time. She also has a sense of humour about the work and a lightness which helps prevent getting too bogged down in the process.


Ella makes a huge contribution to the Human Design community. She is a really necessary guide for the invisible aspects of one’s design that are hampering individual development.' 

Caroline Pick

Artist and film-maker

“I have worked with Ella for a few months, during which she analysed my design and tutored me in general concepts of Human Design. She was the first to introduce me to the theory and practice of Human Design and by that invoked in me the curiosity and passion to study more and more about it.

I was enrolled by Ella's total passion for the work, her warmth and dedication , and most of all by the total accuracy of her readings of my chart. Ella's analysis made me realize the depth of my "true self" including unconscious parts that I was hardly aware of, if not refusing to admit. The result of this is transformational.

I full heartedly recommend working with Ella for anyone interested in self knowledge and more fulfilling and conscious life.”

Abi Shilon

Certified Coach and Trainer

“How is it possible, in such a short time to awaken such a powerful presence, that is STILL so vividly with me?!

“Ella tunes in to the most vital, the most exciting part of me. My coaching and human design sessions with Ella have helped me dare to be me.”

Tania Coke

Mime and Mediator, UK and Japan

“Coaching with Ella is extraordinary. She consistently enables me to shift from a mundane perspective of ‘problems’ to one where I can see not only the long-term perspective, but can become fully aware of my path through it all. And the amazing PLUS is that this brings JOY with it. It’s quite remarkable. This is top class coaching and I value her work very highly.

After each session I feel energised and more able. The insights I get help me make infinitely better decisions. Since these decisions are aligned with my true self, they have constructive results in my day job - the field of conflict prevention.

I notice also that in my personal life I have much more clarity, and avoid doing damage, as a result of working with Ella. She’s quite an alchemist, and combines her knowledge of Human Design with remarkable insights.”

Dr Scilla Elworthy

Founder, Oxford Research Group

Founder, Peace Direct

“Working with Ella has given me great insight into how I think about my journey. It's not just about my work, family and day to day - it's an analysis and insight into the bigger picture.

My experience with Ella has always been pleasurable, holistic and extremely satisfying. She is more than a coach. She is a spiritual force that provides light and guidance always in an objective way.”

Sheetal Mehta Walsh

Founder Shanti Microfinance

and UK Deal Maker UK Trade and Investment Global Entrepreneur Programme

"As a coach/group leader of many years' experience it is very important for me to have someone I can turn to with full respect and confidence when I need coaching. Ella is such a person.

In my experience she has a remarkable gift of listening at a deep level, and helping me have the all-important depth conversations with myself that only an exceptional coach can facilitate."

Nicholas Janni

Associate Fellow,

Oxford Said Business School

Co-founding Director, Senior Associate,

Olivier Mythodrama

Founding Director, Israel Mythodrama